Available Courses:

  • Airline Transport Pilots License (ATPL)
  • Commercial Pilots License (CPL)
  • Private Pilots License (PPL)
  • Restricted Radio License
  • General Radio License
  • Multi-Engine Rating
  • Night Rating

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Loutzavia is a leading group in the aviation industry!


  • Loutzavia Flight Training.
  • Aircraft Sales.
  • Pilot Shop - Wonderboom.
  • Airport and Rand Airport.
  • Aircraft Hangarage and Management.

Our main area of focus is flight training which is headed by our very own in-house SACAA designated examiner (DFE1) and owner of the Loutzavia group. He has been in aviation and specialising in flight training for 31 Years.


We have one of the largest and diverse fleet of aircraft namely: Cessna 172, Cessna 177RG, Cessna Citation, Piper 160, Piper 161, Piper 181 and Tenam P2006T
We also operate a state of the art Frasca TRU-FLIGHT simulator.


As one of the larger flight schools in South Africa, we are one of the most trusted, respected and established aviation organizations in the country. Loutzavia is determined to provide outstanding service to all clients and are dedicated to achieving service with distinction. Our passion for flying ensures that the highest quality of attention to detail and safety standards prevail. It is our mission to give you the knowledge to get your wings!

Next OPEN DAY - 1 JUNE 2024

Location: Main Terminal, Wonderboom National Airport, Pretoria, South Africa
Become A Pilot

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